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Chronologically, the last thing im.el. wanted to put in the offer, is the entry in the world of renewable energies and energy conservation.

Bearing witness to the firm policy which distinguishes it from its birth, which is that to offer to the customer a unique interlocutor for all the necessities and expectations related to electric plant engineering, im.el. decided to offer a service of design and realisation of photovoltaic plants.

The company wanted to distinguish itself from the beginning with respect to the numberless firms which work in this field, going further the classic offer plans of the turn key plants



Starting from the assumption that the photovoltaic plant is not a “normal” electric plant because, unlike the others, a photovoltaic plant has to assure to the customer a certain income during at least 20 years, the company wanted to make a different approach in this sector.

To offer to the customer the warranty for an investment that will last in time, im.el. is constantly searching for materials with a price/service/warranty connection which allows offering photovoltaic plants with a guarantee of at least 10 years.

Being today the time of a photovoltaic investment return (ROI) estimated for about 7 years, the 10-years warranty on all the components are an effective certainty on the investment.




The staff employed in plant’s laying has attained courses on photovoltaic plants realisation on their testing and maintenance, for DPI’s use and for the behaviour during altitude works.

Technical department’s staff has been strengthened in order to design plants in a short time, trying to give to the customer plants with the best income, also economic. The bureaucratic course is performed by im.el., releasing the customer from administrative slowness.

The company is able to offer, for the realisation of its own plants, high-quality materials which come from different European and non-European producers. The direct contact with components producer allows controlling the quality and to be sure of the origin, which is requested from many in this sector.


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