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To supplement plant engineering offering to it’s own customers, im.el. offers as well the realisation of automation panels and border-engine plants.

The internal technical department is able to design hardware and software of little automation panels provided with PLC. For the carrying out of automations with a high number of I/O or with axis controls the firm has started synergies with outer designing offices and software houses specialized in that field. Automation panels’ carrying out and wiring is made using the main brands of PLC and components which are on the market, like SIEMENS, ABB, OMRON, TELEMECANIQUE, SIEI, etc.

Furthermore, im.el. realizes automation panels starting from technical details and from plans provided by the customer.


Like distribution panels and power center, automation panels realized by im.el. are tested in accordance with the sector’s most recent laws, and every panel is provided with the necessary documents for CE’s brand.

To supplement the offer relied to automations, the company deals also with border-engine plants with the laying and wiring of sensors and actuators, as well cable tray and all the necessary for work’s completeness. In every plant provided, im.el. is present at the testing and final verifications with the staff employed in hardware and software’s section.

Every automation is followed by the company from the project to the test, thanks to the know how acquired in the course of years by the technical staff, enable the firm to support the customer in every decision.


The countless quantity of job orders successfully completed in this field, let to say that im.el. is a company which doesn’t fear competitors, for the experience and the knowledge of the problems related to the automation sector.


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