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Over thirty years we work in the industrial electric plant engineering’s field and in the tertiary sector.

The company had widely developed electric plant design, from iron and steel industry to wood processing and from enology to zootechny and much more.

Im.el s.n.c. is able to develop and design distribution and automation electric panels, on customers specification, making use of the experience acquired in more than thirty years of work in this field.

Always sensitive to the requirements of the market and to the constant development of new technologies, Im.el. has created “Im.el. Energy”.

The same quality and professionalism which have always marked our company are now as well on the field of renewable energies and that of energy conservation.
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imel s.n.c. - UDINE (Italy) - tel. +39 0432 791548 - email: imel@imeltarcento.it P.IVA 01675290306