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The firm Im.el. is born in 1978 and set up itself for carrying out panels and electric installations, working prevailingly in the industrial and tertiary sectors.

In over thirty years of activity, the company has widely covered the field of electric plant engineering, with particular attention towards iron and steel industry, not leaving out the appliance in different technologies, like wood processing, enology, agriculture, zootechny and more.

We are active in our building, constituted by technical-administrative offices and a productive area, located in the P.I.P. area in Collalto, in Tarcento’s municipality, Udine.

Im.el. is a GOST.RU certified company, with the qualification to produce distribution and automation electric panels for all the market in the Russian federation.


The company is able to develop and design distribution and automation electric panels, on customers specifications, making use of the experience acquired in more than thirty years of work in this field.

The firm guarantees a high-quality standard in the choice of materials and components in accordance with the applied rules.

Our technicists are trained for this purpose and are constantly up-to-dated on material’s innovations and on the laws in force CEI EN & GOST.RU.

In the field of panels engineering we produce:

  • Power Centers;
  • MCC;
  • Power & Light Distribution panels ;
  • Automations;
  • P.L.C. – Software & Hardware.

In the sector of plant engineering we produce:

  • Transformation cages M.T./b.t.;
  • Power & Light distribution systems;
  • Border-engine plants;
  • Special plants.

With the experience of more than thirty years in plant engineering’s field inside tertiary and industrial sectors, im.el s.n.c. wanted to extend plant engineering’s offering opening itself to the renewable energies and energy conservation sector.

The know how acquired from the design technical team in this sector and the constant training of the staff employed in the installation, make im.el.’s photovoltaic plants an assured investment, which will last long.

The constant research of new products on the European and the worldwide market, enables im.el. to offer to the customer equipments with the best price/service/quality connection.

The commercial contracts directly drawn up with the producing companies enable to keep prices competitive with respect to the market, and at the same time allow us to offer at the customer products for which it is possible to control all the supply chain, from the module or inverter’s origin up to our storehouses.

To prove our reliability, for every plant we grant documents related to the electric tests and to the photovoltaic plant’s production standard.

At the stipulation of the plant’s purchase contract, the customer receives the work schedule with the time related to the plant’s installation and to the bureaucratic course which im.el. follows for the customer.

In this way, im.el. commits itself with the customer in a transparent way to respect the drawn up contract.

Thanks to the experience, to the staff constantly up-to-date on products and laws, and to the transparent way to work, im.el. is the ideal partner for the building of your plant.


imel s.n.c. - UDINE (Italy) - tel. +39 0432 791548 - email: imel@imeltarcento.it P.IVA 01675290306